How to learn coding online? Best Website and App to Learn Coding Online

Friends, in this post, I will tell you about the website and app to learn coding. Coding is generally considered a very difficult task but it is not impossible at all. You must have heard that in Apple’s biggest programming event WWDC16, 9-year-old Anvita proved that any goal can be achieved with dedication and talent. could. If you have talent and passion, then coding an app or website is not a difficult task, so we need dedication and hard work.

Often coding has to be done to make an app, website or software etc. If you are a developer then you will also need coding. We also need coding to build a website.

Coding is a machine language. This language is in the form of “0 and 1” code and the computer understands this language very well. The computer takes commands in the form of numbers made up of these two numbers. Due to the long code of this language, it started finding it difficult to type, so new languages ​​like c++ and python were developed.

how to learn online coding through website, app and videos

Websites, Apps etc. are made on the basis of these languages. In today’s internet era, almost every work is done online, similar online sources from which we can learn coding. We can learn Coding through Website, Apps and Youtube Videos.

Best Free/Paid Apps to Learn Coding
Apps are very helpful for learning coding because once we download the apps, then we do not have to log in again and again like the website. That’s why I will tell you about some important apps.

  1. Hopscotch: This app is free and supports iOS, so that you can easily learn coding on iPhone and iPad.
  2. Code Monk: This app is very popular among Indian users. It works like Lightbot App and supports Android. This app is absolutely free.
  3. Lightbot: This app is very convenient for learning Coding. This app is absolutely free and supports Android. The special thing about this app is that it teaches Coding through puzzles. That’s why you can learn coding quickly with this app.

Best Free/Paid Website to Learn Coding Online

You will find many websites on the Internet to learn coding. But some of them are free, some charge after going to the Advance stage and some solve their problems by answering the questions of the users.

  1. Codeavengers: This website is very famous and this website claims to teach coding in 20 hours. But it charges a fee on going to Advance Level. On this website you can learn Coding, Designing, Javscript, HTML, Website Dovplement and other computer related languages.
  2. This free website run by a non-profit organization is very popular among users of every age and you can easily learn coding on this website.
  3. Codemonkey: This website teaches us coding through small games, so that we do not feel cumbersome and we do not get bored either. Learning coding on this website is very easy.
  4. Scratch: This is a great website for learning Coding. This website has been created by the leading technical education institute Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Whose goal is to make teenagers proficient in coding and hence all the information is available on this website. We also keep getting new updates on this website.
  5. Coding from Youtube: You know that anything can be understood less by reading and more by watching. That’s why you will find many channels on Youtube which will help you in learning Coding. Below I am telling you about some Youtube Channels from which you can learn Coding.
  6. DKBooks:Conding for Kids: On this channel you can learn coding through cartoons. This channel is operated by famous book publisher DK.
  7. Coding for Kids: This is a great channel to learn coding, children can easily learn coding on this channel.

How did you like this information about the website and app to learn coding, give your suggestion and if you have any question then you can ask in the comment.

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